Formerly known as — is the evolution of the rapidly growing manufacturer of collegiate team sports rugs and mats. As a huge sports fan this was a fun project to work on, as my experience as a former art director for a mid-sized sportswear company specializing in collegiate apparel injected a wealth of sports knowledge that goes mostly un-tapped unless watching SportsCenter on ESPN.

While these rugs are quite a bit more expensive than something you might find in a department store, the construction quality and durability more than makes up for the difference in price. Able to be used indoors or out in any weather condition, as well as produced using a coloring method within the fibers that won’t fade in the sun.

There is something for anyone who is passionate about their college sports team, from auto mats with your favorite team logo, to huge area rugs fashioned to impress even the most die-hard fan. My personal favorites are the Florida Gator area rugs with the black background color.

For the technical business end of this project: This site was created using WordPress for the framework as well as integrating the eCommerce plug-in Shopp. Shopp is a really great plug-in right out of the box, but can be a real booger if you wish to customize it as done within this site.

Check out, and if you purchase something, tell them you heard it from me first! Thanks!

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